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Introducing the Artist: Karli Henion and the Repair Bears

"From the Redwood National Forest.

Across the Gulf Stream Waters..."

Meet Karli, a multi-talented and resilient individual who has been immersed in the world of music and art since her early years. Her artistic journey began even before she could walk. As she picked up her first instrument alongside finger paints, then demanded ballet lessons before the age of 4. Growing up, she showcased her musical enthusiasm, by playing the clarinet in the school band and took piano lessons after school. Eventually becoming familiar with every instrument in the Symphony.

In addition to her musical talents, Karli has always been a creative soul. From a young age, she expressed herself through art and poetry, using her artist ability to paint vividly colored animals, intertwined with comics and sequences. This creative flair extended beyond music and artistic renderings of her poetry; as she attended community college art classes alongside her mom during the summer. Remarkably, Karli achieved her degree in art by the age of 15, giving her the opportunity to graduate high school early.


Karli then earned her Bachelor's degree by the age of 20. Subsequently, she embraced a management position at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Karli encountered a series of unfortunate events. She found herself in a tumultuous marriage after an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. Tragically, she experienced robbery, abuse, and torture at the hands of her new husband. Despite these circumstances, Karli summoned the strength to escape and rebuild her life.

Despite the setbacks, Karli remains hopeful and determined to overcome any obstacles that come her way. 

The heart of Karli's artistic vision lies in the Repair Bears—a symbol of resilience, courage, and the power of laughter in the face of adversity. Each bear a stunning work of art, serves as a beacon of hope. Through the Repair Bears Collection, Karli aims to provide comfort and support to those who have faced challenges.


Karli's artwork brings light into the darkness, infusing glowing effects drawing attention to smiles, laughter and positivity.


Karli believes that art is a catalyst for change, igniting hope and transforming lives. Through Repair Bears and her other artistic endeavors, she aspires to touch hearts, spark joy, and create a more compassionate society.


Step into a world of wonder, where dreams come alive and the power of art knows no bounds. Experience the vibrant colors and delightful humor that define her artistry.


Join Karli Henion in spreading joy and hope through artistry. The Repair Bears collection will embark on a tour through Kids Cancer Hospitals, brightening the lives of young patients. These special paintings, with glowing smiles that illuminate the darkest nights, offer a magical journey of inspiration. Discover Repair Bears and help make a difference.

Karli's goal is to develop self-sustainable tiny home communities around the globe for women who need a safe place to rebuild themselves, and a supportive village to help raise their children and animals. 

#Foundation of Love


Karli Henion: Illuminating Hearts, Inspiring Resilience.

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